Construction of utility systems is one of our company’s main fields.

Integrated construction works include:

  • Design;
  • Receiving necessary approvals and construction permits;
  • Installation of water-supply and sewage disposal networks, including the use of trench-less technologies;
  • Preparation of construction site (cutting down trees, demolition of buildings, construction of temporary roads);
  • Soil works (fortifying soil, drainage construction);
  • Fulfillment of controlled land-survey;
  • Installation and maintenance of water-gauging equipment;
  • Commissioning.

We have our own fleet of construction equipment and it allows us to save time and significantly lower construction costs.

Design estimates are made in accordance with the client’s technical specifications, and conform to construction code requirements, state standards, and regulations.

Our Company operates on the basis of the following licenses:
License GS-2-781-02-26-0-7810033046-015348-1
License GS-2-781-02-27-0-7810033046-015349-1
Our quality control system is certified under ISO 9001:2000  


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